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Barzin started its activities in the field of providing international trade services in 2015, and as an emerging company, it faced a challenging world of trade, which coincided with the imposition of international restrictions on Irans trade and foreign relations. Continuing its activities and relying on the innovation, expertise, and creativity of its powerful team, the company has taken great steps that cause the rapid growth and further strengthening of the company in terms of the range of relations with the world of international trade, the credibility of foreign relations and increasing diversity of business services. And formed a strong and credible network of foreign business partners.One of the most important achievements of the company, which has also been considered by Eurasian member countries, is the creation and launch of a unique online portal for the first time in the region to provide business services. According to Barzins organizational vision and mission, all the activities of the group are based on the slogan of the organization, ie the superior strategy for international trade, and this is the reason of Barzins existential identity.The services provided by this company are based on three basic axes of business affairs, namely; International Shipping, Financing, and Trading. The services are provided in the regions of Central Asia and Europe.

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